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Hello, my name is Diana Moran, but you probably know me better as the “Green Goddess”. I launched fitness to Britain on BBC Television in the 80s. And I am still sharing my regimen with tens of thousands of other seniors on my website

My focus is on everyday activities that combat the effects of ageing. My  simple, but powerful, exercises increase mobility, build strength, and increase independence.

But I have learned that sometimes exercise isn’t the only cure for what ails you.  Nutrition is equally important – and where we can’t take in sufficient natural vitamins – I’m keen to ensure that supplements are there to help out when needed.  For instance despite my own physical fitness, I have had recent problems with pain and discomfort in my knees.  For a long time, I was looking for a natural solution to my pain and a few months ago I found an all-natural product made with extract from the highly acclaimed Green Lipped Mussel or “Perna canaliculus”. I’m told it’s harvested from the pristine waters of the Marlborough sound in New Zealand. It is a supplement called Lyprinol. And I’m delighted to say that, since taking Lyprinol I have noticed a massive reduction in the knee inflammation that I was regularly experiencing.

So – I thought I’d share my secret with you.  Most of us are aware of the major benefits of omega 3. From assisting heart health, alleviating symptoms of arthritis and inflammation, improving brain functionality, and it has even been claimed that it may help lower cholesterol. Lyprinol is one of the world’s best natural sources of omega 3. It creates a long chain fatty acid inside the body making it more active and stable.

So, my belief is, if you’re looking for a safe natural alternative with no known side effects then try Lyprinol now, you will not be disappointed. I certainly wasn’t.


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