Eborn Legal Review w/c 16th September 2022 in honour of HRH Queen Elizabeth II

What impact did Queen Elizabeth have on the constitution & the law?

  • Sovereign Immunity
  • No obligation to pay Tax
  • Major Legislative changes

Royal transition from Elizabeth II – Charles III – what is the law?

  • The King Never Dies
  • Accession Council officially announces new Monarch
  • Oath to maintain and preserve the Church of Scotland
  • Televised for the first time

New bank holiday – what is the legal position?

  • Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s State Funeral will take place on 19th September 2022.
  • New Bank Holiday declared for 19th September
  • Employers may not include it as paid leave
  • Check your employment contract

All the King’s men & women – QCs become KCs

Iranian government plans to use facial recognition to enforce hijab law

  • Hijab mandatory after Iran’s revolution in 1979
  • Tehran planning to use facial recognition technology to enforce the law
  • New era of surveillance and punishment

New PM’s priorities – Britain the aspiration nation

  • Britain to be an Aspiration Nation
  • Economy
  • Energy
  • NHS

Barrister fined over tweets about fellow barrister

On your marks Iceland vs Iceland

  • Iceland fights Iceland over trade mark
  • Icelandic companies may be prejudiced

 Epic games wins copyright claim over fortnite dance emotes

  • Epic Games sued by choreographer
  • Copyright protects dance routines
  • Court holds individual dance steps, however. are not protected

Computer misuse act no longer fit for purpose

  • UK at greater risk of hacking attacks
  • Act prevents unauthorised access to computer material
  • Current restriction prevents legitimate scans looking for bugs
  • Law needs to include a defence for cyber professionals
    • Update our Laws
    • Upgrade our defences
    • Upskill our workforce

Domestic cleaners and carers given better workers’ rights in Spain

  • Spanish carers and cleaners have no social or labour protection
  • New Law to provide unemployment benefits and other protection
  • More than 370,000 to benefit




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