8 Voices

8 Voices One Story is a multi media exhibition of unique interviews with members of the armed forces and their families. Award winning broadcaster Anne Diamond helps them tell their stories which epitomise the ‘Soldiering On’ spirit. Their stories unveil how they have dealt with and overcome loss: – be it the loss of limbs, of a son or a husband – these 8 voices have never lost hope.

These are the stories of: – The Mother – Sarah Sands; The Wife – Jacqui Thompson; The Actor- Darren Swift; The Veteran – Charles Clarke; The Young Lovers – The Ormrods; The Daughter – Ali Grant; The Man in the iconic picture – Karl Hinett And One Man and His Dog – Steve Brookes and Kizzie.

The exhibition toured the UK throughout 2014 and 2015.

Anne Diamond says: – “8 Voices is a family of amazing people who I’ve been privileged to meet and whose experiences I have been astonished, shocked, enchanted, heart-warmed and overwhelmed to hear.

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