A – Z of Toxicity in our home – Triclosan

Triclosan and triclocarban are chlorinated aromatic compounds highly soluble in water.
They are registered as a pesticide with the Environmental Protection Agency since 1969, and used in personal care products and detergents, to name a few, as a means to slow down or stop the growth of bacteria, fungi and mildew.

A – Z of Toxicity in our home – Petroleum Distillates

Clear colourless liquid used to dissolve other liquids in personal care products Petroleum distillates are a suspected human carcinogen. Found in: mascara, perfume, foundation, lipstick and lip balm Problems associated with it: Neurotoxicity

A – Z of Toxicity in our home – PEG compounds

Polyethylene glycol is a family of petroleum compounds widely used in cosmetics as thickeners, moisture-carriers, solvents and softeners. As a penetration enhancer, it allows other harmful compounds often found in PEGs to be absorbed by our skin. This includes 1,4-dioxane which is a known carcinogen, as well as heavy metals such as lead, cobalt, iron,Continue reading “A – Z of Toxicity in our home – PEG compounds”

A – Z of Toxicity in our home – Parabens

An artificial preservative used in personal care products, Parabens are the reason sunscreens, deodorants, shampoos and conditioners do not ‘spoil’. Research has shown that it takes 26 seconds for our skin to absorb parabens into our bloodstream. Pregnant women and young children are most vulnerable to this family of synthetics. Problems associated with it: BreastContinue reading “A – Z of Toxicity in our home – Parabens”

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