Elaine Lipworth – Writer

LIVE Magazine 19 January 2013 ‘Who says I should retire?’: Arnold Schwarzenegger on why he’s taking on the bad guys…again

Ten years after quitting the big screen for politics, he reveals why he can still be an action hero at 65

YOU 6th January 2013 – Helen Hunt: ‘Being naked was nerve-racking’
In her new film, Helen Hunt plays a sex surrogate who transforms a paralysed man’s life. As she tells Elaine Lipworth, she overcame her inhibitions because she wanted to be part of such a beautiful story

Saturday Telegraph – December 31 2012 Anne Hathaway on Les Misérables and her baby p

Anne Hathaway can afford to feel smug about 2012, having married the love of her life and landed Les Misérables. Next up is motherhood, she tells Elaine Lipworth.

YOU 11th November 2012 Ashley Greene: ‘We’re like a family on Twilight’
With the final movie in the Twilight series about to hit cinemas, actress Ashley Greene talks to Elaine Lipworth about off-screen camaraderie – and why the vampire movies strike such a chord with women

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