The No.1 Omega 3 Oil

For many hundreds of years, the native coastal Maori population of New Zealand has consumed raw New Zealand green-lipped mussels as a primary part of their diet.

They would harvest the mussels growing naturally on the seashores and eat them raw. Although they saw the mussel as an important part of their diet, they did not realise the incredible health benefits they were gaining.

In its natural state the mussel thrives in coastal areas where there is a constant flow of ocean current. The mussel acts as a kind of filtration system, extracting nutrients from the fresh sea. Consequently the green- lipped mussel possesses a profile of Omega-3 essential fatty acids, which are unique to its species. The presence of this rich source of essential fatty acids provides the mussel with potent activity. Early study results to harness the health and anti-inflammatory benefits of the mussels were erratic and no consistent results could be determined. What the early researchers failed to realise however, was that the coastal Maoris ate the mussels fresh from the ocean and any other processing procedure like extreme heat, freeze drying and refrigeration without a stabilisation or anti-oxygenation process would promote oxidation of the active components, therefore dramatically lessening the mussels’ potency.

Following fifteen years of international scientific research by independent scientists, the goal of identifying the principal components responsible for the health benefits, and then stabilising these active ingredients, was achieved. A patent was granted for the stabilisation of the mussel powder and also for the extraction process for PCSO-524®. The compounds were patented and trademarked, PCSO-524™, which was then

formulated in to the product Lyprinol®. No other product in the world has this process or works in the same way as Lyprinol®

Lyprinol® is derived from a food source and is the first effective naturally occurring lipoxygenase pathway inhibitor which is safe for human consumption.


The green-lipped mussels, which contain the raw material for Lyprinol, are grown at the north tip of New Zealand’s south island in the beautiful MarIborough Sounds region.

The Marlborough Sounds represent a perfect growing environment for mussels, with pristine waters and nourishing Pacific Ocean currents combining with an ideal climate.

The mussels from which Lyprinol® is extracted take around a year to grow to the desired length of 80mm. When they are harvested they must be rushed to the factory and processed immediately to ensure that all the important lipids are fully protected. The mussels are stabilised and then freeze-dried according to a patented process, which is essential for the subsequent extraction of the non-polar lipids in the mussel.

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