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How Ukraine blitzkrieg will tear Putin’s forces to ribbons

  Ukraine’s counter-offensive against the Russian invasion is upon us. Here are the best options for the killer blow against Putin’s men, writes Stuart Crawford. It feels like we have all been waiting with bated breath for months for the long-trailed Ukrainian counter-offensive to commence. What was hailed as the “spring offensive” has now morphed…

16 month’s on and no end in sight

The past week has been a momentous one for both sides in the Russo-Ukraine war. Now well into the sixteenth month of the conflict, there appears to be no end in sight. Much of the world’s attention has been focussed recently on the battle for Bakhmut, which has been raging for many months. It seems…

US F-16 Permission Makes A Big Difference

For many the highlight of the recent G7 summit conference held in Hiroshima was US President Joe Biden signalling, at long last, that the USA would not stand in the way of European nations donating their redundant F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine. By announcing this at the G7 summit, and also stating that the US…

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