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Voiceover Sample
“Yo Yo Dieting”
Voiceover Sample “Celebrity Diets”
Voiceover Sample “Vitamins and Minerals

Welcome to

What are GDAs?

Check, Compare and Choose!

Where to find GDA labels

Cereals in your GDA Diet

Your Top Five GDA Diet Tips

Planning Ahead for your GDA Diet

Setting ‘SMART’ Goals for your GDA weight loss

Choose a Plan that works for You!


Moving On Up with Nigel Denby!

Nigel Denby introduces for you & your family

Nigel Denby’s Top Five Tips for getting children to eat Fruit & Vegetables

Engage & involve your child in the eating process

Don’t get stressed!

It can take Thirteen Times to introduce New Foods to Your Child

Introducing new foods to your toddler

My Diet, Your Diet, Our Diet


Diets Don’t Work – True Tube