PeopleMatter.TV Clients

Aging Expert – Professor Sir Muir Gray – based in Oxford

Astrologer and Planetary Expert – Marjorie Orr

Beauty, Hair Makeup Expert – Sarah Jagger

Broadcasting and the media – Professor Lis Howell

Business and Economics – Michael Wilson

Crime, stalking and policing – Jacqui Hames

Defamation, Anonymity for accused of Rape and Legal Expert –  – Paul Tweed based in Belfast

Dietitian and child health specialist – Nigel Denby

Dietitian, Accredited Sports Dietitian and Registered Public Health Nutritionist.- Dr Sarah Schenker

Personal Finance & Small Business Expert – ex You and Yours – Liz Barclay

Fitness for the over 50’s – the original Green Goddess Diana Moran – still successful at 78!

Fitness & Celebrity Trainer – Paul Connolly

Hacking and Murdoch Empire expert – Mark Lewis

Homelessness and Child Poverty

Anything mystical and alternative – a glamorous dream whisperer used to be very popular on TWS – Davina MacKail

Property and travel – The Property Brothers – Josh and Jordan Reuben- based in London    

Property and travel – Homes Under the Hammer – Martin Lewis– based in Bath    

Psychologist, Phobia Expert – Dr Sandi Mannbased in Salford

Wine, viticulture and everything alcoholic  – International Wine and Spirit Communicator of the Year Award – Joe Wadsack