Dr Sarah Schenker

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Cover_red_transparent bgSarah is a PhD Registered Dietitian, Author, Writer and Broadcaster. Sarah is an Accredited Sports Dietitian and Registered Public Health Nutritionist, a member of the British Dietetic Association; The Nutrition Society; The Guild of Health Writers and has served on both professional and government committees.

Her latest book is Eating will make you fat!  with Carlton Books and Andre Deutsch.  In this book, Dr Sarah Schenker reveals the truth behind the biggest health and body myths of our times, with a scientific explanation as to why they are nonsense. Using the latest research, she reveals why most vitamins are useless, juicing is nothing more than a fad and clean eating can be dangerous. She also debunks scaremongering health headlines, such as “dairy is bad for you”, “Eating fat makes you fat” and “everyone should avoid gluten.”

Presented with full-colour illustrations and photographs, this book will challenge everything you thought you knew about a healthy lifestyle. If you’re looking for guidance on positive change, each chapter presents helpful suggestions grounded in research. Moreover, it offers a fascinating, holistic insight into human biology and the complexities of the body.

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As a young mother with children under 5 she is uniquely qualified as a nutritionist & mother to advise on how to use food to both bond baby and Mum – but also help mum lose her baby weight. Dr. Sarah’s latest book is My Sugar Free Baby and Me. Many new mums find the thought of weaning daunting and confusing and are keen to make sure their baby eats healthily. But new mums often forget to look after themselves too, and can end up grabbing unhealthy, empty calories on the go.


Sarah’s knowledge and understanding of nutrition science means she is able to respond quickly to breaking news stories, providing background information and context. Her unique skill is translating scientific nutrition principles into simply talking about food. Sarah understands the importance of delicious food and is a keen and adventurous cook.

Sarah has been quoted in every daily national newspaper on numerous diet and health issues as well as appearing regularly on TV and radio, from news programmes to reality shows. Sarah regularly writes for magazines, newspapers and journals.

Sarah has been the media spokesperson for the BNF and has worked on a diverse range of projects with food manufacturers, caterers, PR consultants, educationalists, government groups, both corporate and small private companies. This experience has given her a wealth of knowledge, the ability to work flexibly and comfortably in all sorts of circumstances, understand clients’ needs, and to guide them in the right direction to achieve their goals.

Sarah is a member of the British Dietetic Association; The Nutrition Society; The Guild of Health Writers and has served on both professional and government committees. e.

  • Member of the British Dietetic Association
  • Member of the Nutrition Society
  • Member of the Guild of Health Writers
  • Nutrition Scientist at the British Nutrition Foundation

Sarah graduated from the University of Surrey with a BSc (Hons) in Nutrition and State Registration in Dietetics. After gaining three years clinical experience at St. Thomas’ Hospital in London and the John Ratcliffe Hospital in Oxford, Sarah entered the world of academic research at the University of Oxford and the Institute of Food Research in Norwich. There she gained her PhD in human nutrition. 

While Sarah was working in Norwich, she qualified as a Sports Dietitian and became the club nutritionist for Norwich City Football Club. Sarah then took up a position as Nutrition Scientist with the British Nutrition Foundation.

Sarah has worked with government bodies including the Department of Health and the Food Standards Agency as a consultant on educational and community projects. Sarah also works with a range of corporate clients as a nutritional consultant providing unbiased information to help with product development, consumer messages and public relations. She has worked with several production companies to plan nutrition and health programme planning and has acted as a consultant to several Public Relation companies. 

Sarah has worked as a consultant to Norwich City Football Club and Delia Smith.

Areas of expertise:
• Government consultancy
• Advertising consultancy
• Catering consultancy
• Conference organising
• Education and Healthy Schools
• Food industry consultancy
• Lecturing/teaching
• PR consultancy
• Sports Nutrition
• Training
• Sports Nutrition
• Consultant nutritionist for Norwich City Football Club
Other clients include:
• Professional boxers
• London running club
• Charity marathon runners


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