Aggie MacKenzie





Aggie is a journalist, broadcaster, author and yoga teacher.




Aggie is probably best known for co-presenting Channel 4’s How Clean is your House? from 2003-9. In 2013 and 2014 she also presented 50 episodes of Storage Hoarders on ITV. In this series she investigated the increasing demand for storage units and the strain that long-term storage can have on finances and relationships. And who can forget her role on Shirley Valentine for ITV?

Aggie has her own series on Yahoo.

Aggie is also a columnist for a number of regular columns in national publications . Each year she helps judge both the Great Taste awards and the Academy of Chocolate awards.

Since turning 60 she has invested in her body. She has taken up yoga, Pilates, running and cycling. She has biked across Kenya in aid of Women Against Cancer, London to Paris on behalf of Mind, and London to Brighton for Macmillan. In July 2017 she completed an 18-month training as a yoga teacher.

Aggie is particularly interested in good food and and wine. She’s a member of the Wine Society and a few years ago produced a cook book with her sons Rory and Ewan. Both are now working as chefs in central London.

Aggie is single and lives in London.