Paul Hawkins – Journalist & Broadcaster

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  Paul Hawkins stands as a seasoned broadcast journalist, weaving a narrative of insightful reporting and engaging storytelling across some of the most prominent news networks in the United Kingdom.


His career has been marked by a commitment to journalistic integrity and a knack for delivering a diverse range of stories.  Not many journalists can claim to have covered test cricket and the Costa Rican Presidential Election.

Paul embarked on his journalistic journey at the BBC World Service before moving on to BBC Radio 5Live, Sky News and BBC World where he cut his teeth in the fast-paced world of international reporting and presenting.

His keen investigative skills and ability to provide in-depth analysis quickly caught the attention of both colleagues and viewers alike. During his tenure at BBC World and the BBC World Service, he covered major global events including the 2020 US Election and the 2018 Costa Rican Presidential Election from San Jose, showcasing a talent for delivering news with clarity and depth.

Before joining BBC World, Paul spent 18 months as a correspondent for Sky News and BBC London. His versatility was evident as he navigated through a range of topics, from politics to human interest stories, becoming a familiar face to audiences, establishing himself as a trusted source for news and analysis.

While at GB News, Paul was deployed across Europe and the Middle East to cover breaking news and major international events including the Qatar World Cup and the G7 summit in Germany. One of Paul’s significant successes was his coverage of the refugee crisis from the borders of Ukraine, the French Presidential election from Paris and the migrant camps in Calais.

More recently, he covered the devastating wildfires in Greece while also continuing to report the latest political developments from Westminster by interviewing MPs including Sir Keir Starmer and Liz Truss.

His on-screen presence gained popularity for his fresh approach, inviting diverse voices and fostering healthy debate. His analysis, ability to connect with the audience, and insightful interviews contributed to the success of GB News in its early years, earning him accolades from both peers and viewers. He demonstrated his commitment to presenting unbiased, balanced and accurate reporting, solidifying his reputation as a journalist with integrity.
Beyond his on-screen presence, Paul has also been recognized for his contributions behind the scenes. As a senior journalist, he has mentored and guided emerging talents in the field, fostering a culture of excellence and dedication to journalistic principles. Throughout his career, Paul has embodied the essence of broadcast journalism, adapting to the evolving media landscape while maintaining a commitment to truth and accuracy. His journey from BBC News to Sky News and GB News showcases not only his adaptability but also his enduring passion for delivering news that matters.