Craig Hughes – The Master Restorer





Mancunian Craig is a Master Restorer with 35 years in the restoring business.

He is well known for his appearances on several TV shows; most notably the Discovery Channel’s “Salvage Hunters”, “Salvage Hunters: The Restorers”, and “Salvage Hunters: Classic Cars”. Restoring Drew’s fascinating finds can be challenging and sometimes works miracles with some of the old antiques. Nevertheless, he enjoys the challenge!

Perhaps one of Craig’s most watched items are the thrones he restored for ITV’s I’m A Celebrity …..

Craig’s business has been recognised worldwide since his success on the Discovery Channels. He has been the Restorer on Salvage Hunters  for 11 years & Salvage Hunters the Restorers since 2017. Craig is now at the top of his game working for some exclusive people & TV Stars from all over the world.

Craig established Craig Hughes Upholstery over 35 years ago. He started as an apprentice in Manchester and eventually created his own business in1984 in Urmston, Manchester where he became known in the area as the Master Restorer because of his excellent work. In 1998 Craig moved his business from Manchester to Colwyn Bay, North Wales and became well known throughout the whole of North Wales, taking on work for many local Antique Dealers and Interior Designers.

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