Davina Mackail


Davina Mackail – Author, TV’s Dream Expert, Time Line Therapist & Master Hypnotist

Davina Mackail has been Channel 5’s ‘Dream Whisperer’ on The Wright Stuff and published by Hay House , the UK’s leading self-help, mind, body and spirit publishers. “The Dream Whisperer – unlocking the power of your dreams’

Davina says: – “whatever we’re searching for; more money, better health, a new relationship our dreams hold the key. We don’t even have to be asleep! We can access dream solutions whilst awake. Dreams are extraordinary, powerful tools for personal manifestation. Too often we miss out on their transformative power because we lack the means to interpret the bizarre scenarios we encounter.”

Davina Mackail is a Master of Neuro linguistic programming, hypnosis and time line therapy. She is a qualified nurse and counsellor trained in Feng Shui, shamanism, space clearing and geomancy.

Davina studied for 7 years in Peruvian shamanism in the UK, New York, Connecticut and Peru. She is a dreams’ analyst master practitioner of NLP and Time Line Therapy and a Master Hypnotist. Davina trained with The Performance Partnership in London.

Her USP is that she has combined her knowledge of shamanism and journey work with her skills as a hypnotist to work at a far deeper level with people’s unconscious minds. The shamanic journey process uses far more metaphor and symbol which is the language of the unconscious and she believes this unique combination allows her to get better, deeper and more lasting results with her clients. She treats everything from phobias, extreme anxiety, and health issues to giving up smoking and taking people to communicate with their dead relatives. An example of this would be a client who lost both her parents in the Turkish earthquake a few years ago. After several years the client was still inconsolable with grief until Davina journeyed her to a place where she could once again reconnect with her parents and say goodbye to them properly, saying all the things she hadn’t had a chance to communicate at the time. The release has provided the client with closure and she reports that she has been fine ever since.

Davina is also a Healthier Home Expert – reading and interpreting our home environment to help teach people how to create healthy living and work spaces. Our homes [and our physical environment] influence our psychological health and wellbeing. Changes made to our physical presence affect our mental state, happiness and success in our own lives – allowing our own ‘inner magic’ to blossom. Davina Mackail’s ambition is to ‘release that inner magic’ in everyone!

Davina’s TV credits include: –

  • “The Wright Stuff’s Dream Whisperer” – FIVE;
  • Ann Maurice, House Doctor FIVE;
  • This Morning – ITV1 and “
  • Design for Living” – FIVE and
  • has gone on to teach “Feng Shui for buying and selling property” for Ann Maurice.

Davina’s writing credits include

  • “DreamWhisper” with Hay House
  • “Psychic Power: Practical Tools and Techniques for Awakening Your Natural Gifts
  • Using Clairvoyance, Spirit Guides, Chakra Healing, Space Clearing and Aura Reading (Do-it-yourself)“ by Natalia O’Sullivan.

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