Paul Connolly


Paul Connolly is an experienced and FFI qualified Health & Fitness Trainer who believes that fitness provides for life long health – whenever you choose to start.  As a 40+ man, he understands the difficulties in turning to exercise later in life – which is why he is now known as the “man who understands the woman who wasn’t born yesterday!”

Paul says: – “I’m delighted to be working with many clients who sometimes need help in taking those first steps after such a long time away from a fitness regime.  I know that with just a little help, encouragement and education, anyone at any age can make great improvements.  As a baby boomer myself I understand the need to talk to people in their own language”

Paul is well known as a personal trainer, fitness consultant and particularly as the developer of “Boxerobics”. Paul has been a regular presenter and contributor to both the health and fitness press and the general media (TV, radio and print) since the 1990’s.

Paul is passionate about heath and fitness for everyone. He has been working with local health authorities, media and support groups to increase awareness and encourage people to think about their lifestyles and how they can make simple changes to their diet and levels of activity in order to see real benefits.  Paul also studies psychology and motivational techniques as part of his holistic approach to health and fitness. He enjoys working with clients of all ages, and abilities, but in particular takes great satisfaction getting people in to a shape and level of fitness that they never thought possible.

Paul is currently working on a number of projects in addition to his successful personal training business – including a series of DVDs and online training programmes aimed at those who feel uncomfortable with the gym, or are simply unable to make regular visits.

Paul has been motivated by health and fitness for as long as he can remember. After a successful career as a schoolboy champion and ABA amateur boxer, Paul was ready to go professional when a serious accident ended his boxing career. Determined to recover from this setback, Paul went on to study exercise and physiology and has developed a successful career in this area.

While accepting that everyone is different, Paul believes it all comes down to making choices – finding time for exercise can be fundamentally life changing. Paul balances his busy work schedule with family life and is well aware we all feel there are not enough hours in the day – however he believes that making time for your health is vital to you and those around you.


  • Founder of Boxerobics and Certified Trainer
  • Personal Training Certification (FFI)
  • FFI Advanced Gym Instruction Course, FFI Gym Instruction Course
  • FFI Medical Knowledge & Exercise prescription
  • Duke of Edinburgh Awards – Health & Fitness – Gold and Silver standard
  • Amateur Boxing Association Coaching Licence (former schoolboy champion)
  • Pre and post natal exercise
  • Spinning instruction, Fitness Pilates coach
  • Paul Chek Core and Swiss Ball qualified
  • CPR Certified + First Aider