Maxine Stewart – The Tarot Interpreter

Maxine is a tarot reader and has had an interest in divination since her early 20s.

She began by reading for family and friends and received such positive feedback that she decided to read professionally.

That was almost 20 years ago.

Gen Z have revitalised the use of Tarot as they look beyond established structures for spiritual growth. While the interest in tarot and other forms of divination often corresponds to a complete rejection of traditional religion, that is not a given. Many young readers continue to identify with a traditional faith, while looking Springtide’s survey showed that 51% of its sample population, aged 13-25, engage in “tarot cards or fortune telling.” Of that percentage, 17% practice daily, 25% once a week, 27% once a month and 31% less than once a month. A new survey released by Springtide Research Institute confirms what metaphysical store owners and veteran tarot readers have known since the term Gen Z was invented: Younger Americans, known for fashioning their own spirituality the way they curate their social media feeds, are doing so using well-established alternative practices.

An  example Reading: –

Maxine has previously worked in the media industry, working at such establishments as MTV and More Radio and she is a trained massage therapist and also holds a black belt in karate. She also has an interest and takes part in pageants and is currently in the finals for Young European International Classic Ms.

She has 2 daughters who are both keen performing arts enthusiasts and she lives on the south coast in East Sussex.

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