Arlene Foster – Speaker Topics

Humble beginnings to First female First Minister of Northern Ireland

  • Arlene’s own story of coming from a rural country area and humble background to becoming the First female First Minister of Northern Ireland.
Being a woman in a Man’s world
  • Arlene tells a story to inspire young women [in particular] that no matter where you come from, you can achieve great things with determination, resilience, planning and organisation.
What is Irishness?

Leadership in challenging circumstances
  • Getting to Yes when No is very popular
  • Being positive when all around you are not.
  • Resilience as a leader – why it is a necessity
Getting to the right decision
  • Understanding the culture and trying to manage change in a way which brings others with you who may be opposed to you initially 
Social Media abuse and the real harm that it can cause.
  • From first person experience to the effects on vulnerable children
Discovering the Real Ireland
  • As the ex-Minister of Tourism for Northern Ireland, Arlene shares some of the challenges and successes of the Tourism Industry –
  • and new ways of making local gems become global destinations
What is our future Energy Policy in Britain and the World
  • As the ex-Minister of Energy for Northern Ireland Arlene knows only too well the difference between what the world needs and the price we are prepared to pay.
  • Looking at the need for security of supply, balanced with cost pressures. And all this with a new mix of renewable energy sources. 
The Union and why it is relevant to all parts of the UK today
  • Does the Union matter any more – post Brexit? Arlene grew up in Northern Ireland during ‘the troubles’ and now looks forward to the role of Northern Ireland to Britain in a global Market place
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