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You won’t have heard of us before – because we’ve just been launched.

For you, the Producer, Editor, Production Manager and overworked executive that needs professional voices for Film, TV, Commercial or Audio work.

We’ve been created by To deliver well known, easily recognisable and authoritative voices to help your audience understand your words.

Voices from Television like Daytime Queen, Anne Diamond

BBC’s Martin Roberts from Homes under the Hammer

Or from BBC Radio 4 – Liz Barclay

International stars like Award winner, Paris Jefferson

And icons from the start of Breakfast TV on the BBC – described as the Jane Fonda of the UK – the legend that is Diana Moran.

The legend that is David Hamilton
Provident Insurance

And one of the sexiest actresses ever – Jenny Hanley

Age – and hear more at

More are joining us – but we need to know what you want.

We don’t aim to represent hundreds of voices – only the Best! Please feedback your thoughts.


Tell us what you think. Tell us what we’re missing – or tell us if you’d like one of our Professional Voices to make a pilot for you to sell to your clients.

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