Taiwan: The World’s Next Hot War?

  Relations between the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and Taiwan, officially known as the Republic of China (ROC), have

How on earth do you “lose” an F-35

ANYTHING the UK can do the USA can do better. Britain’s Royal Marines recently lost an SA 80 rifle during

IronVison looks to the future for Tank Commanders

  Situational awareness has long been crucial for tank commanders. Knowing what’s going on a round you in the smoke

Potential for space-based manufacturing is announced

A collaboration has been signed to manufacture semi conductors in space, a move which will enhance the value of multiple

Huge leap in wireless communications, using LIGHT WAVES is announced!

LiFi technology represents a ground-breaking leap in wireless communications, utilising light waves to enable wireless communications. With near-zero electromagnetic (EM)

New Report Reveals $25.6B Surge in 8×8 Wheeled Armoured Vehicle Spending

As global tensions intensify following the Russo-Ukraine conflict, the armoured vehicle market is undergoing a monumental shift, with an anticipated

AERALIS announce new revolutionary aircraft design

Today, 12th September 2023, AERALIS unveiled the designs for the first variants of their revolutionary modular light jet aircraft including

‘Loitering Munitions’ Market Surge with 525% Market Growth Fueled by Russo-Ukrainian Conflict

In a seismic shift driven by the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, the loitering munitions market is poised for an unprecedented 525% explosion

Defence industry champions from the UK, Italy and Japan announce a joint project delivery set-up for GCAP’s ISANKE & ICS domain

Defence industry champions from the UK, Italy and Japan announce a joint project delivery set-up for GCAP’s ISANKE & ICS

Company claims Supacat’s Common Base Platform will be ‘integral’ to the British Army’s ‘Modernisation of Equipment’

As the British Army gears up to meet one of the MoD Land Industrial Strategy’s (LIS), Devon-based Supacat believes it

Lockheed Martin UK Launches Team Black Hawk for UK’s New Helicopter Requirement

The European-built Black Hawk helicopter. Lockheed Martin outlined its team of UK partners and the benefits of choosing the advanced,

Indonesian Government acquires new UK built Submarine Rescue System in $100m contract

Lancashire, UK – 12th September 2023: Submarine Manufacturing and Products Ltd (SMP), a leading UK based manufacturer and supplier of

SEA announces a trainable decoy launcher a ‘step-change’ in countermeasures technology

Successful collaboration between Cohort Plc group companies, the system provides effective protection against advanced above and below water threats 12

SPX CommTech launches latest Transportable Tactical COMINT 953 RF Receiver

New Communications Intelligence (COMINT) Radio Frequency Receiver delivers superior threat analysis at a time of heightened electronic warfare activity.  953

British troops will soon be more lethal on the battlefield, as a new £90 million contract delivers modern, high precision rifles.

  New rifle provides UK troops with an improved lethal capability on the battlefield. Rifle more discreet through sight and

SIONYX Announces Acquisition of Amigen and New Chief Technology Officer

Silicon-based photonics company SIONYX announced the acquisition of American Imaging Engineering (Amigen), a premier thermal imaging system provider, expanding the

NVTS launches new Driver Vision (DVE) for European built tanks and armored vehicles.

NVTS Night Vision Technology Solutions is adapting the US Army’s periscope-style DVE thermal cameras (Driver’s Vision Enhancer), to seamlessly fit

AeroVironment, Inc. to Acquire Tomahawk Robotics

AeroVironment’s unmanned systems paired with Tomahawk Robotics’ AI-enabled technology will allow warfighters to operate various connected robotic solutions in the

ST Engineering Antycip and partners play supporting role in Royal Air Force Gladiator programme

European technology leader provided Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) software and development expertise to Gladiator, a new synthetic training system

Inzpire delivers modernised training scenarios to the Royal Navy’s Fleet Operational Standards and Training Ships [FOST] organisation.

The training programme is an immersive and realistic training scenario which will allow FOST to better train warships to conduct

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