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And stretch… ……Best known as the Green Goddess, Diana Moran B.E.M. introduced the UK to fitness in the 80s – and hasn’t stopped since. Diana Moran is a broadcaster, author and fitness expert. She is a regular commentator across all broadcast networks. Diana was awarded the British Empire Medal in 2019.

During the recent pandemic she was brought back to the screens by BBC Television to provide help and advice to remain healthy for those self  isolating at home.  Diana was concerned for those people who may be left behind. ‘Keep Fit and Carry On’ is her motto and she has created a site http://www.keepfitandcarryon.com to share the latest information, health tips and her own workouts.  During lockdown she produced her own DVD – ‘Keep Fit And Carry On’. Her previous video was EasiFit – Ease into Fitness featuring her trademark ‘EasiFit’ exercises. 



This year Diana is 84This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 818r0dnej6l._ac_ul436_.jpg years of age and is still working hard to maintain health across the Nation supporting The Royal Osteoporosis Society in educating over 60s to maintain health and exercise. Her latest book is Beating Osteoporosis: The Facts, The Treatments, The Exercises  . Written in association with the Royal Osteoporosis Society, this practical book is a must-have for anybody affected by osteoporosis. Packed with advice, friendly tips and ideas, and an overview of current research, and what we can all be doing to help ourselves live well.

She co-authored Sod Sitting Get Moving with Professor Sir Muir Gray in 2017 with Bloomsbury Publishing which has been a best selling success.

In 2018 Diana was awarded the prestigious ‘Women of Influence Award’.







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