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Living with Osteoporosis ….. don’t ignore the value of regular exercise

A few years ago I read a report into the fitness of people aged 70 plus  and according to the

Understanding collagen

You’ve probably noticed that the word collagen is everywhere! Promoted on social media and endorsed by big name celebrities. In

Collagen – Glow for it by Dr. Sarah Schenker

Collagen. It’s key to supple skin but declines as we age. Now Liiv has an easy way to give your

Understanding the key stages of a woman’s life by Dr. Sarah Schenker

Women are powerful. Whether they’re studying, working, parenting, caring for elderly relatives or looking after grandchildren, they are key influencers

Skin and hydration – Dr Sarah Schenker

Healthy skin is often described as glowing or dewy and that is because healthy skin is always slightly moist. By
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