Monica Linford – The Wellness Warrior

In her own words.

“Starting life as a successful dancer I moved into the fitness and wellbeing world after a debilitating illness. I recognised the body has a voice when we are in pain, trying to get our attention.

After working with industry experts blending time honoured ancient practices with modern science and western exercise, I developed a successful, innovative and unique mental and physical wellbeing programme, combining Eastern philosophy’s ‘less is more’ approach with ‘repetition is the mother of mastery’, combining shiatsu, yoga, tai chi, Pilates – promoting healing, balance, and fitness.

Working in Australia, the US and now the UK this award winning programme has proved very successful in boosting mental wellbeing and overall health and flexibility, particularly for those reaching middle age and beyond.

I now have a 40 year tool box and wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to creating and prescribing therapeutic movement sequences and am continually updating . My new programmes “WuMotion” and “WuWellness” (healing through movement), incorporate elements of my original ChiBall Method, whilst expanding both the philosophy and methodology significantly .

Movement is my passion. I love inspiring people of all ages and fitness levels, to move and learn more about themselves.”

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