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Thank God Boris has finally taken on European Court of Justice, says DAME ARLENE FOSTER

IS the Government finally going to deal with the iniquitous NI protocol? It certainly appears so. At long last we have published legislation which reasserts the Acts of Union and by doing so gives primacy to the single market of the United Kingdom.

For those of us in Northern Ireland however, the glorious 12th is the celebration of the Glorious Revolution through the 12th July demonstrations. As someone from the Orange/British community in this part of the UK, this is always a part of the year I look forward to – family members come home from other parts of the UK and beyond and the cultural expression is loud and proud to celebrate the victory of William at the Battle of the Boyne.

Meddling Americans are the real threat to peace in Northern Ireland

Yes, this week on his tour around Europe to wreck what is left of community relations in Northern Ireland, Richie Neal, long-time Sinn Fein supporter will visit and tell us all that the Protocol cannot be changed and if it is then Armageddon, or something similar, will surely follow.

Now, who is Richard Neal?


Boris, this time is different, now unionists are ALL against protocol, says ARLENE FOSTER

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ANOTHER crisis, another PM, another PM visit to Northern Ireland. Those of us who have been through this sort of thing before knowing the script very well. The PM will fly into Belfast to put pressure on whichever party is holding up devolution whilst at the same time trying to get the other parties to show patience.

EU ‘heads in sand’ Arlene Foster blasts as Northern Ireland in crisis over protocol

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THE EUROPEAN UNION’s unwillingness to renegotiate puts the UK on a path to scrapping the Northern Ireland protocol altogether.

Boris MUST face down EU on last piece of Brexit or N.Ireland will suffer – ARLENE FOSTER

Northern Ireland election results Sinn F in Michelle O'Neill united ireland Alliance Party

IN all elections there are winners and losers. It doesn’t matter where you are in the UK this weekend, we have seen some new elected members emerge and some leave the stage.

If Sinn Fein win on Thursday the days of division will return, says ARLENE FOSTER

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THERE has been a lot of commentary in the mainstream press about the NI assembly elections on May 5, which has been very far off the mark.

Arlene Foster’s message to Boris on the Protocol: Get on with it!

Arlene Foster Boris Johnson Northern Ireland protocol

FORMER DUP First Minister Arlene Foster has urged Boris Johnson to “get on with it” and bring an end to the Northern Ireland protocol in its present form.

The one thing the British public hates is hypocrisy – tough luck Rishi! says ARLENE FOSTER


EVERYONE knows the phrase that a week is a long time in politics and believe me, from personal experience, it can be.

Boris you must trigger Article 16 NOW – for all sakes, writes ARLENE FOSTER


I WAS away with the “better half” last week for a few days, or as we say in Northern Ireland a wee break, when the loyalist paramilitaries decided to flex their muscles again in Belfast, because like their republican counterparts, they like to remind us that they haven’t gone away.

Not funny Biden – Now Joe needs stop insulting British, writes ARLENE FOSTER


LAST Thursday was St Patrick’s Day – the day when the patron Saint of Ireland whether Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland is celebrated. I had a lovely day – I went to the Ulster school’s cup rugby in Belfast and had a meal with my family.

This shoddy Brexit deal is stopping VAT being scrapped on energy bills, says ARLENE FOSTER


WE ARE facing a perfect storm of events and circumstances which are all leading to increased inflation and the cost of living our everyday lives.

Putin said Russia and Ukraine were one people, so why kill his family? asks ARLENE FOSTER


The brutality of Putin continues as I write this week and the humanitarian crisis has given us the largest movement of people since World War 2. As we sit at home in our warm, safe comfortable homes, we marvel at the plucky Ukrainians who are standing up to this Imperial bully boy – at times as we watch news coverage it is as if we are watching a movie of a dystopian time which could not happen in reality.

Putin said Russia and Ukrainians were one people, so why murder his brothers? ARLENE FOSTER


THE brutality of Putin continues as I write this week and the humanitarian crisis has given us the largest movement of people since World War 2.