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Nicola Sturgeon to be President of Scotland? | ‘Outside possibility’ says Lt. Col Stuart Crawford

Russia’s war on Ukraine: Fightback against Vladimir Putin’s invasion could see an assault on Russian-occupied Crimea 
Neunundneunzig Luftballons

THE DISCOVERY of a high-flying Chinese observation balloon over the USA caused a blush of red faces in Washington a few weeks ago.

Would Navy shipbuilding at Rosyth continue in an independent Scotland?

Stuart Crawford, a defence analyst and ex-Army officer, said it was “absolute nonsense” to suggest current levels of Navy spending would be maintained. He told The Courier: “If anyone applies common sense they can see that won’t happen.

Increasingly there is no-where for Russia to hide

In the first significant action of 2023, carried out on New Year’s Day, Ukrainian forces attacked Russian troops in the occupied region of Donetsk using the HIMARS rocket system supplied by the West.

As winter fast approaches and land operations in the Ukraine war stall in the autumn rains and mud, it is perhaps timely to review where we are after just over eight months of conflict.

US to unleash secret space weapons if Putin plays nuclear card, says STUART CRAWFORD

As the war in Ukraine grinds on relentlessly with no end in sight, what are we to make of the nuclear drills which Russia has just carried out on her own territory? Is this yet another sign that Putin is threatening nuclear retaliation for lack of success on the battlefield?

Putin won’t need nukes – his underwater drones will cripple UK says Lt Col STUART CRAWFORD

First there was the presumed sabotage on the Nord Stream pipelines in the Baltic Sea, to which nobody has owned up to yet by the way, although Russia is strongly suspected.

Putin threatens ‘nuclear-level’ attack on dam killing thousands – Lt Col STUART CRAWFORD

The longer the war in Ukraine continues, the more Vladimir Putin and his Russian forces find themselves on the back foot.

Nuke move by Putin will bring down terrible wrath of NATO and USA – Lt Col STUART CRAWFORD

As I’ve been saying until I’m almost, but not quite, blue in the face, the chances of Putin using nuclear weapons in the Russo-Ukraine war are very small indeed.

Kamikaze drones show Russia’s troops have lost will to fight, says Lt Col STUART CRAWFORD

There has been extensive coverage around the world of the recent drone and missile attacks on the cities and critical infrastructure of Ukraine.

Putin’s monster Surovikin is a dead man walking, says Lt Col Stuart Crawford

Vladimir Putin’s jaiket, as we say north of the Border, looks increasingly like it’s on a shoogly peg. Nearly nine months into his ill-advised and badly planned invasion of Ukraine, he faces humiliation on the battlefield and swelling chorus of criticism domestically.

How the Ukraine War will end, explains LT COL STUART CRAWFORD

Over eight months into the Russo-Ukraine war and the tables appear to have well and truly turned.

Kyiv bombs show Putin’s mindless rage but zero military strategy – Lt Col STUART CRAWFORD

Vladimir Putin got two presents for his 70th birthday that we know of; from Belarus and its president Alexander Lukashenko he received an agricultural tractor, which was a thoughtful gift and I am sure well-received. Less well received, I suspect, will have been his present from Voldymyr Zelensky and the Ukrainians – an attack on the Kerch bridge linking Crimea with the Russian mainland.

Ukraine is crushing Russia’s will to resist, says Lt Col STUART CRAWFORD

There has been a considerable turnaround in fortunes for the two belligerents in the Russo-Ukraine War over the past month. From being essentially on the defensive since the Russian illegal invasion of February 24, the Ukrainian armed forces now find themselves moving forward in the east and south of their country, and it’s now the Russians turn to find themselves on the back foot.

Putin’s desperation as ex-Army officer claims Russia nukes may no longer even work

Vladimir Putin’s renewed threat of nuclear weapons has been called out after one former British Army officer suggested Russia’s outdated nuclear warheads may no longer even work.

Military cannot reflect diversity of UK population, nor should it – Lt Col STUART CRAWFORD

THERE’S been a bit of a hoo-ha recently over the news that the Royal Air Force may have halted recruitment of white applicants in an attempt to meet its diversity targets.

Putin sparking new Kosovo war to distract NATO from Ukraine, says Lt Col STUART CRAWFORD

THERE were increased tensions on the Serbia – Kosovo border last week when the Kosovan government attempted once again to order the 50,000 Serbians living there to switch from using Serbian car number plates to Kosovan ones along with other documentation.

12 years, £3.5BN and STILL our boys don’t have ‘tank’ they need Lt Col STUART CRAWFORD

I FIND myself tearing my hair out when reading about the awful, slow-motion car crash that is the UK Ministry of Defence’s equipment procurement processes and practices.

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