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How Ukraine blitzkrieg will tear Putin’s forces to ribbons

  Ukraine’s counter-offensive against the Russian invasion is upon us. Here are the best options for the killer blow against

16 month’s on and no end in sight

The past week has been a momentous one for both sides in the Russo-Ukraine war. Now well into the sixteenth

US F-16 Permission Makes A Big Difference

For many the highlight of the recent G7 summit conference held in Hiroshima was US President Joe Biden signalling, at

Scotland’s Place in UK Defence

For the last twenty-five years or so I have been writing and speaking about defence matters in Scotland. Whilst still

Fincantieri announces $526 million contract

  Italian Shipbuilder Fincantieri has confirmed that its US subsidiary, Marinette Marine, has been awarded a $526 million contract by

Storm Shadow Is Good News, But ….

  It was good news for Ukraine when UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace announced that the British government was sending

SNP Woes Mount

The year 2023 doesn’t look as if it’s going to go down as a vintage one as far as the

Russia now on defensive awaiting HELL Ukraine is about to unleash

  Is This The Ukrainian Counter-Offensive?  Recent news from the frontline in the Russo-Ukraine war suggests that the Russian invaders have

Is Russia Preparing For Defeat In Ukraine?

  You may have noticed that the tone of Russian commentary on its war of aggression in Ukraine is subtly

Kremlin Attack: False Flag Or Ukraine’s Doolittle Raid?

What are we to make of  last Tuesday’s presumed drone attack on the Kremlin? All the indications are that two

Ukrainian Counter-Offensive: Where Will The Blow Fall?

  Recent speculation in the world’s media on when the long-anticipated Ukrainian counter-offensive against their Russian invaders will begin has

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