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Sudan – descended into chaos

  So, what’s going on in Sudan then? Over the past week or so we have watched the country descend

Kwayga announces project partnering with USAID Economic Resilience Activity to support Ukrainian Food & Drinks suppliers

  Martin Fitzgerald and Mike McGrath, co-founders of Kwayga  announced the “European Shelves for Ukrainian Producers” project at the Enterprise

BAE Systems announces partnership with Microsoft

  BAE Systems has announced a partnership with Microsoft to utilize innovative cloud technology to equip defence programs. Combining BAE

Is This The Ukrainian Counter-Offensive?

  In the Russo-Ukraine war the Russian invaders have been battering away in Bakhmut for months now, trying to capture

Yasmin’s Eye on ….

The Met Police report proves the force is rotten – but there is cause for optimism Why I’m quietly boycotting

Yasmin’s Eye on Britain March 2023

62 people killed in migrant wreck and barely a shrug – it’s not hard to work out why …. Westerners read

Want to lose weight? Embrace the cold!

The temperature has dropped and winter is looming but it’s time to turn down the central heating and leave your

Hydration sensation by Dr. Sarah Schenker

 Proper hydration is crucial for overall health. Are you getting it right? Dr Sarah Schenker, Dietician, Liiv Health Sciences, answers

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