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Who the heck is Anne Diamond?
My Wardrobe reflects the news through the last decades

Just to let you know that Anne was brilliant this week, they had a great day and  Anne’s presentation hit the brief and they have had very good feedback from the attendees

Ian Walker | Prime Performers Limited

Breakfast TV – how it nearly failed
Being a breakfast TV pioneer. From reading out bingo numbers to hobnobbing with Hollywood, witnessing the fall of the Berlin Wall and exchanging fashion tips with Margaret Thatcher!

Gutsy Women
The gutsy women who’ve fought to change our world. Women who’ve turned themselves from “ordinary” into absolutely extraordinary, and to whom we all owe a profound debt.

Never turn town an Adventure

BBC News Festival 2013 – Session – ‘Beyond Leveson’

Speakers: – Anne Diamond – Broadcaster; Fraser Nelson – Editor The Spectator; Alan Rubridger – Editor The Guardian; Sig Able – former Head of PCC – chaired Jon Sopel – BBC News


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