A – Z of Toxicity in our home – Ethanolamine – MEA/DEA/TEA

  • These are pH-stabilizers and are used as emulsifiers and preservatives, in a host of personal care and household cleaning products.
  • They have the ability to interact with nitrates in some products or the raw materials in products to form easily carcinogenic nitrosomes which are easily absorbed
  • Found in:
    • All-purpose household cleaning products, spot removes and metal polishes, make-up and personal care products
  • Read the label for:
    • Mono-, di-, and tri-ethanolamine, DEA, TEA, cocamide DEA, cocamide MEA, DEA-cetyl phosphate, DEA oleth-3 phosphate, lauramide DEA, linoleamide MEA, myristamide DEA, oleamide DEA, stearamide MEA, TEA-lauryl sulfate
  • Problems associated with it:
    • Carcinogenic, neurotoxicity, organ system toxicity, eye and skin irritation.

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