I’m just back from Barcelona where I have been presenting to the Societat d’Estudis Militars on my thoughts on how an independent Scotland, should it ever come to pass, might go about designing and organising its own armed forces. All predicated, of course, on Scotland holding another independence referendum and the electorate voting in favourContinue reading “Catalunya”

UK Defence Budget Hiked

The UK’s new Prime Minister, Liz Truss, pledged before her elevation to power that the UK defence budget would rise from its present just over 2.1% of GDP to 3.0% by 2030. Although nobody can accurately predict what Britain’s GDP will actually be by that date, and of course much depends on the state ofContinue reading “UK Defence Budget Hiked”

Ukraine: Threat of Nuclear War Recedes

There has been a marked shift in tone this week from those who had been predicting nuclear Armageddon in Ukraine. After weeks of saying that Putin’s threat of using tactical nuclear weapons was very real, they are now opining that it is in fact increasingly unlikely. There are a couple of reasons for this. TheContinue reading “Ukraine: Threat of Nuclear War Recedes”

Eborn Legal Review w/c 30th September 2022

Michael Kors fails to stop ‘Micarel Kmor’ trademark UK IP Office holds there is no likelihood of confusion Case comes after Sex & the City shoe designer Manolo Blahnikwins 22-year legal fight over China trademark ANDREW EBORN – RIGHTING WRONGS GET IN TOUCH Andrew believes that there are many injustices which do not get theContinue reading “Eborn Legal Review w/c 30th September 2022”