A – Z of Toxicity in our home – Glycol Ethers

  • A common solvent in paints, cleaning products, brake fluid and cosmetics, glycol ethers are known to shrink the testicles of rats exposed to it.
  • Linked to the damage of fertility of unborn children, as well as reported cases of asthma and allergy in children exposed to it from the paint that coats their bedroom walls.
  • Case studies conducted on painters have linked exposure of certain glycol ethers to blood abnormalities and lower sperm counts.
  • Found in:
    • Paints, household cleaners, cosmetics, perfumes
  • Read the label for:
    • 2-butoxyethanol, ethylene glycol monobutyl ether
  • Problems associated with it:
    • Impaired fertility, reproductive and developmental toxicity, possible human carcinogen

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