The Eborn Legal Review – w/c 22nd August 2022

Andrew Eborn – Barrister at Law produces a weekly Legal Review for Editors & Producers to navigate the vagaries of current legal stories – and how they can be more safely reported.

Sony PlayStation faces £5billion law suit

  • A collective action accuses Sony of ‘ripping off’ UK customers
  • Claim alleges Sony has imposed unfair terms and conditions on game developers & publishers as well as ‘excessive pricing on the PlayStation Store.
  • This includes charging 30% commission on every digital game on in-game purchase made through the PlayStation Store.
  • Any purchaser of digital games or add-on content via the PlayStation Store since August 19, 2016 will be automatically included in the claim
  • This story can only get bigger!

Did you know there’s a new law about school uniforms?

  • A new law will come into effect from September which restricts overcharging on school uniforms
  • Branding is required to be kept to a minimum but not banned !
  • Schools needing to finalise a new supplier contract have until December 2022 to put that in place.
  • Schools then have until the start of the September 2023 to introduce the new uniform.
  • it’s not perfect but it’s a start

What’s behind the Barrister’s Strike?

  • 80% of Criminal Bar Association Barristers have voted to run a continuous strike from 5 September.
  • The strike is over pay. Nearly 12 per cent earn less than £30,000.
    Barristers are self-employed & need to cover expenses & payment delays [legal aid fees aren’t paid until the end of a case] – mean many are living below the poverty line
    The call is on the UK government to increase legal aid fees by 25%. The Government has offered 15%.
    The backlog of cases has increased over the past 3 months. Now 58,540 cases are waiting to be heard. This will only get worse
    Crime does not pay. In fact several earn less as a Barrister than they would do working as a barista in a coffee shop.

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