No smoking outside Scottish hospitals

  • Fines up to £1000 for smoking outside hospital
  • Scotland aims to be tobacco free by 2034

Smoking has now been banned within 15 metres of a Scottish hospital. The ban follows a voluntary smoke free policy which was introduced in 2015. It applies to all NHS hospitals used for patient treatment and care.

Lighting up could result in a fixed penalty notice of £50 or if the case ends up in court a fine of up to £1,000.

This is the latest step in Scotland’s mission to create a tobacco free generation by 2034

Aileen Campbell, MSP, former Minister for Public Health and Sport:

“Scotland is one of the only countries in the world to have set a target to raise a tobacco-free generation. Our aim is to protect children born since 2013 from tobacco so that when they start to turn 21 (from 2034) they will truly be tobacco-free and will come of age in a Scotland that will remain tobacco-free for generations to come.”

Iranian government plans to use facial recognition to enforce hijab law

  • Hijab mandatory after Iran’s revolution in 1979
  • Tehran planning to use facial recognition technology to enforce the law
  • New era of surveillance and punishment

New plans have been announced to support the stricter rules on wearing the hijab which were passed after the national Hijab and Chastity Day was marked by mass protests including by women who took to social media to show how they were not complying with the rules.

Mohammad Saleh Hashemi Golpayegani, The secretary of Iran’s Headquarters for Promoting Virtue and Preventing Vice has announced that Tehran is planning to deploy facial recognition technology including on public transport and other public places.

Some of the women who defied the rules have faced state detention.


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