The Eborn Legal Review – w/e 26th August 2022

Ghislaine Maxwell sued by her defence team Ghislaine Maxwell is being sued by Denver based Law Firm Haddon, Morgan and Foreman. The Firm claims it is owed $878,000 for Ghislaine Maxwell’s defence in connection with helping the financier Jeffrey Epstein abuse underage girls. Haddon, Morgan and Foreman began representing Ghislaine Maxwell in a lawsuit broughtContinue reading “The Eborn Legal Review – w/e 26th August 2022”

Parking not fine

Whilst on the subject of cars, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown makes a valid point “Techy Parking Driving Us Away”  (Mirror 24 08 22)  Whilst I champion advances in technology I am also passionate about righting wrongs. It is clearly wrong if – as Yasmin and many others suggest – the requirement to use apps to pay for parking is making parking “stressful .. andContinue reading “Parking not fine”

The Eborn Legal Review – w/c 22nd August 2022

Andrew Eborn – Barrister at Law produces a weekly Legal Review for Editors & Producers to navigate the vagaries of current legal stories – and how they can be more safely reported. Sony PlayStation faces £5billion law suit A collective action accuses Sony of ‘ripping off’ UK customers Claim alleges Sony has imposed unfair termsContinue reading “The Eborn Legal Review – w/c 22nd August 2022”

What’s behind the Barrister’s Strike?

80% of Criminal Bar Association Barristers have voted in favour of plans to cancel their bi-weekly court walkouts and run a continuous strike from 5 September. The strike is over pay. The image of a well-proportioned Barrister quaffing Cristal Champagne whilst dining on lark’s tongue in aspic belies the truth. According to The Lawyer whilst at theContinue reading “What’s behind the Barrister’s Strike?”

Did you know there’s a new law about school uniforms?

The cost of school uniforms has long been an issue. With the cost of living crisis escalating and people being forced to choose between heating or eating steps need to be taken as a matter of urgency especially to assist the most vulnerable. The new law aimed to protect against unnecessary school uniform costs isContinue reading “Did you know there’s a new law about school uniforms?”