Sweet-smelling bedlinen

When you’re ironing your pillowcases and sheets, spray everything with a little water infused with a touch of lavender oil. It smells divine and research shows that it can help you sleep! And if you have a household tip to share with our followers just click here > And did you know that Aggie MackenzieContinue reading “Sweet-smelling bedlinen”

Mould on your curtain linings?

If they’re dry clean only, the cleaner will deal with the spores but probably not the stains. However, what you can try at home is to gather them up and take outside (so the unhealthy spores don’t spread around the room), wipe down with a solution of warm water and Ariel, then rinse with aContinue reading “Mould on your curtain linings?”

How to clean your duvet

Single duvets can go into the washing machine; check the label for instructions. Any duvets larger than single normally need to be taken to the launderette but some modern machines have a very large capacity, so check first. As long as the item goes into the drum easily and there’s a bit of space betweenContinue reading “How to clean your duvet”

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