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Internationally known for her astrology columns across the globe, Marjorie predicts to millions of readers from New York to Bombay and Sydney – in newspapers and magazines, online and on mobile phones. Her extensive personal consultation practice attracts clients from showbusiness and industry as well as politics.

Marjorie’s ground breaking AstroInform web site Forum on Astrology of Today’s News adds a fascinating dimension to events in the headlines. Tracking the astrology of countries, political leaders and institutions gives you the real inside info.

She forecast the likely break up of the Eurozone several years ago when it was still an unthinkable possibility. She accurately predicted: =-

  • Prince William’s wedding date;
  • the 2008 global economic meltdown;
  • the Iraq War’s messy aftermath;
  • Liz Hurley’s marriage split;
  • Apple Inc’s uncertain future;
  • PM Gordon Brown’s departure and much more.

None of this is magic. It is how serious astrology works. Astrology pinpoints why GWB went to war with Afghanistan, why Canada was a risky zone for Natasha Richardson, why Ben Affleck was drawn to highlight the suffering in the Congo.

The Forum grew out of Marjorie’s popular appearances on Sky TV News looking at high profile political events, her Radio 5 weekly current affairs slot and before that her Political Astrology series for the Sunday Times.

AHOTWcovercropHer most recent book An Astrological History of the World shows dramatically how history dances to the tune of the stars. When major celestial alignments recur similar events take place on earth. We are for several years in the midst of Uranus Pluto influences, always a harbinger of revolutions. As well as Saturn Uranus a sure indicator of economic downturns. Plus the first-time-in-250-years Pluto in Capricorn which has always brought radical changes to money management on a global scale.

Her News and Finance blogs appear on the world’s biggest astrology portal. Along with her regular star highlights and monthly forecasts on their astro alert emails. Sign up on to receive them.

AstrologycomNewsblogMarjorie’s versatile approach also encompasses personal astrology which she showed to great effect recently on the UK TV Celebrity Psychics series looking at celebrities in the news as well as answering viewers’ queries about their own dilemmas.
For two decades her profile has been exceptionally high in India where she writes for national newspapers, magazines and on the web, appearing on national TV and in the media when she makes her regular visits.

AstInfHomeHer hugely popular website:  has Video Stars, as well as Daily, Weekly, Year Ahead text stars and instantly available online personal birth charts and year ahead predictions.

An Honours graduate in Philosophy and English, she has a substantial TV production and journalistic background – Editor STV 6 O’clock Show; BBC Scotland Executive Producer Network TV Documentary Series, including the award winning ‘Four Seasons’ for BBC1. She is also a trained psychotherapist.

She lives in the Suffolk, United Kingdom with her two French cats Roquefort marjorieorr2and Camembert. In her spare time she indulges her love of gardening, experimenting with plants which grow in drought conditions as well as dining and wining, music and movies.

TV Credits: BBC: Date With Fate, SKY News, Predictions, Big Breakfast, BBC World Service TV, The Games Room, TV AM, Kilroy, Central TV Live, BBC: Hogmanay Show, Good Morning Anne & Nick. ITV: Martyn Lewis Fundamental Questions. Gloria Hunniford Sunday Special & Afternoon Show. ITN/Discovery Channel: Eclipse Special,

Radio: New York Tri-State show, Radio Five Live weekly comment, BBC Radio 2: Steve Wright/Johnny Walker, Richard Allinson Shows, LBC, Derek Jameson Radio 2 regular, Talk Radio, Capitol, & extensive local radio.

Print credits: Teletext, WOMAN, Marie Claire Online, Natural Health, Regional newspapers, New Woman online, Bliss magazine online, India Info, online. The Express, Sunday Express,, News of the World, Sunday Times, Harper’s & Queen, Womans Journal, Jupiter (USA) and Jupiter (Germany), Elle, Cosmopolitan, ME, PS, New Woman. Syndicated columns in India, Eire, Africa, Middle & Far East, Australia, South Africa.

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