Dr Gray’s Walking Cure

Exercise! exercise! exercise! what do these words conjure up?  The gym, sweat, leotards, slimming, living longer, getting fitter, obesity, cancer, diabetes, heart disease.  Take more exercise is the general advice but how should this be done easily, enjoyably and cheaply?  Daily walking as the answer hardly gets a look-in when the different options are considered, but it is the simplest, most freely available, and medically by far the best of all possible answers.

Walking is the way mankind has kept fit for purpose ever since evolutionary times.  The reasons why we don’t do it enough in developed countries now is because we have made it just too easy NOT to do it.  This book sets a challenge, which you can easily achieve – to walk 1,000,000 EXTRA steps between 2009 and 2013 – revolutionising your daily life, your health, and your carbon footprint.

Walking Plus means walking plus a few minutes of exercise to increase all four aspects of fitness

  • strength
  • stamina
  • skill
  • suppleness

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