The Mission of the Surgical Leadership Academy

The mission of the Surgical Leadership Academy is to help surgeons become even better leaders 

In England alone there are about two thousand surgeons in management and leadership positions in addition many young surgeons see the need to develop understanding of management and leadership to prepare them for the health service or academic jobs.

The distinction, and relationship, between management and leadership is now generally agreed with leaders shaping and changing culture whereas managers work within the culture of the organisation. Almost all leaders are also managers but not all managers are part of leadership. Both activities are of vital importance for delivering high quality, safe and high value service to both individual patients and populations.

The principle of the Institute should be for action learning and people to bring problems either at face to face meetings or, increasingly, on-line action learning programmes. There are a very wide range of issues involved in  leadership and management, but it is recommended that the Institute focus on those issues that are particular to surgery, contextual leadership and management to use the jargon.

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