Body Brushing

Why not give yourself time for a treat, time to refresh your body and make your skin miraculously smooth and glowing? No need for expensive spa treatments or therapies, just a few minutes of your precious time in the privacy of your own home. Dry body brushing will improve dry and tired looking skin and give your sluggish circulation a boost. It will encourage the lymphatic drainage system and help flush out toxins in your body and disperse excess fluids. Dry body brushing is an important part of skin maintenance, especially in the summer time when more of your body is exposed to the elements.

You will need a good bristle body brush which you can buy in a chemist or health shop. Make sure the brush has a good long handle; you don’t want to have to be a contortionist to reach your back. Start by using light long strokes to brush your body, by working from your feet upwards and towards your heart. Always brush the skin when it is dry and don’t use too much pressure. Continue brushing your body from your hands, up your arms towards your heart, and up from your front and back lower torso, the area where toxins can accumulate.

When you have finished your dry body brushing you will be ready to bath or shower. This is an opportunity to give yourself another treat by using an exfoliating body scrub all over your body. Exfoliating will help to slough off surface dead cells and will leave your skin glowing and satin soft. I use a natural loofah but a rough flannel is good enough. You can make you own exfoliating body scrub as I do, by using a little almond oil together with a handful of sea salt. It will also open up clogged pores which contribute to skin wrinkling and are caused by an accumulation of mineral oils in skin creams, sun creams and body lotions. Sadly there is no overnight magic lotion to eliminate cellulite, but by using a body firming cream each day after your bath or shower, will at least make the skin on your hips, bottom and thighs feel firmer which boosts bottom confidence!

To pamper yourself still further, on another occasion discover the luxury of de-toxifying bath before bedtime. Give yourself time to soak in aromatic oils to help cleanse your system and soothe away the stresses of the day. You can make the occasion special by mixing your own aromatherapy treatment. Simply mix 4 drops of essential lemon oil and 3 drops of lime oil with a teaspoonful of milk and add the mixture to warm running water. If fluid retention is your problem try mixing 3 drops of essential rosemary oil with a teaspoonful of milk instead.

Lie back in the warm water and luxuriate, resting your head on a bath cushion will complete your comfort. Close your eyes and slow down your breathing, imagine a beautiful scene or something, which makes you happy. Relax and take this opportunity to practise deep abdominal breathing. Begin by breathing in deeply and slowly, take the breath right down into your abdomen, expand your rib cage and continue to fill up your lungs. Hold your breath for several seconds. Breathe out slowly, empty your lungs completely, and relax your stomach and rib cage. Continue this slow deep rhythmic breathing and allow your stress to float away. The movement of the water supporting and around you will add to the sensation and rhythmic pattern. To make the occasion really special, dim the lights and use the flicker of scented candles and soft music to complete the feeling of tranquillity.

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