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Summer is coming but how worried are you about exposing flabby thighs or midriff bulge?   Too much sitting around during the winter months results in slack abdominal muscles, and general lack of body tone.   Long periods in front of a computer screen or TV can result in stiff joints and tension headaches.   Working, worrying and being inactive is bad for the heart and circulation and if you sit with your legs crossed for long varicose veins may appear or be made worse.  So give yourself a break, get up and literally take a breather – shape up your body, re-oxygenate your system, and improve your circulation and digestion.

First stretch out your entire body, like the cat does after a nap.

Stand with feet apart, feel nice and easy.   With knees relaxed bend forward from your waist – swing arms down by your sides and on back behind you.   Now straighten your knees, and bring your arms forward and up high above your head, lifting up rib cage.   Breathe deeply and stretch out your entire body.    Repeat rhythmically – 4 times.

If you are chair bound simply bend forward and reach for your toes, then straighten up and reach for the sky.

A healthy lifestyle consists of regular exercise and diet.  They go together like a horse and cart!   Be aware that you are what you eat because diet can all too often be linked to certain preventable diseases or conditions.   Sugary foods lead to tooth decay and obesity, whilst too much fat contributes to heart disease.   Too little fibre in the diet causes constipation, and possible cancer of the colon and bowel.   It’s essential to do what you can, to maintain good health and preserve your physical independence into old age.    It pays to look after your health; people who age well have strong bodies, the result of looking after their health over many years.

We eat to give our bodies energy in order to function.   Both food and drink contain calories which are a measure of energy.  Our main sources of energy come from Carbohydrates – Proteins – Fats in our diet.  Each day our bodies need and use these calories for function and repair of the body.   If we eat and drink more food than our body needs the excess calories simply get stored up in the form of unsightly fat.   It’s as simple as that!

So which foods are best for a healthy life?   Let’s cut through the confusion and maze of advice and look at the basic rules for a well-balanced and nutritious diet.

  • Eat LESS fat, especially saturated fats
  • Eat LESS sugar
  • Eat LESS salt
  • Eat MORE starchy carbohydrates
  • Eat MORE fibre
  • Eat MORE fresh fruits & vegetables
  • Drink plenty of water






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