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It doesn’t really seem fair when you’ve worked your socks off and just when you sit down to relax, your conscience tells you it’s bad to lounge around, and you should get up off your bottom to be active.

And over enthusiastic exercise freaks who keep banging on about exercise make you weary and a bit guilty. But why should it – surely it’s quite natural to sit around and relax especially as you get older? The question really is – what are we all getting fit for? Your own personal fitness level needs to be in tune with your own life and will depend on your individual expectations and lifestyle. Ideally you should have plenty of energy to climb stairs, take a brisk walk, and perform day to day activities without becoming tired or gasping for breath.

Taking exercise and being active will result in improved strength, stamina,
suppleness and skill. These are the 4 components of physical fitness and
they can all be improved and increased by the intensity and repetition of the movements or exercise you do. Strength is required to climb stairs, stamina to take a brisk walk or run. Suppleness is needed to be able to stretch up to high shelves, or down to do up your shoelaces. Skill is the natural co-ordination of mind and body which develops during activity and makes movement graceful, effective and efficient.

You should be able to perform day to day activities comfortably, without feeling undue stress or strain. So, although some people talk about keeping themselves super fit, it doesn’t follow that you need to be an athlete to comfortably live your normal day to day life. The people who aspire to climb mountains need stamina and strength, whilst others need to be more supple in order to enjoy their gardening.
Being fit enough to cope with your individual way of life can make you look and feel better.

And it also has many pay offs for your general health. Being active strengthens your heart, improves your circulation and reduces the risk of serious illnesses, such as osteoporosis and heart disease. Activity helps lower blood pressure, blood cholesterol levels, and can also reduce stress levels. And of course, activity and exercise can control your weight and improve your shape. It’s common sense really – so help yourself to better health, and you will be able to enjoy life to the full..

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