My Debut On Bbc Tv’s Breakfast Time

Memories on the 25th Anniversary of BBC Breakfast Time – February 2007.  The BBC had pinched me from HTV where I was doing a programme called Here Today. They saw me wearing my green leotard and tights and doing a piece on exercise, which was the first time it had been done on TV.

Before that, I used to do keep-fit in scarlet leotard and tights at Butlins holiday camps in both Minehead and Barry Island. Then someone on BBC Breakfast Time had the bright idea of sending me to Waterloo Station on the first day of transmission to work out with the commuters.

It was 6.30 am, freezing cold and all I wore was the shiny green outfit and I had bare feet.  I think the early morning commuting public must have thought I was barking mad!

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