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These days the world seems to be obsessed by beauty and looking good, but to my mid being healthy and happy is more important. If you put health to the forefront of priorities then many aspects of beauty follow on naturally. One thing I would never do is go under the knife for aesthetic reasons in order to hold onto youthful looks. I’ve had my fair share of surgery from past health problems to even consider that.

What I say is – look at the person not the age! What matters most is who and what they are, not simply how they appear. People may have aged, retired or become a grandparent but that doesn’t make them unattractive or invisible. Like most mature folk I have embraced life and the opportunities I was given and this has allowed me to reap the rewards of good health and contentment at the age of 70.

Throughout life I believe the trick is to discard weakness and conceit and to build on one’s inner self. Externally it’s OK to help nature a little by enhancing your good points and learning to disguise the not so good! But I’m sure you will agree that when you meet someone with personality, confidence, health, happiness, vitality and understanding their inner self shines through and surpass external looks. That is when you see the real person and in my mind that is true beauty!

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