Style Confident In My 70’s

I’d describe my style as classic, with a modern twist. My mother was a great seamstress who taught me the basics. Sadly, she died when I was about 15. I don’t make clothes now, but I do my own alterations.

I like to shop everywhere. TK Maxx and Marks & Spencer are my current favourites because they’re great value. I also adore designer Amanda Wakeley, Medina and Frank Usher for evening and special occasion clothes…

Massive shoulder pads were a trademark of the 80s but I loved them! Being very tall, I could get away with it. I also loved the 60s, when the mini-skirt first came in.

I’m more confident now than ever, which is why getting older is so fabulous. Looking as good as I can gives me confidence. It’s important to know what suits you and to make the most of yourself.

Colour is so important and can lift my mood. I like “traffic light colours” reds, orange and green. Green became my trademark colour by mistake. I began wearing yellow leotards and tights but I looked like a large prancing canary, so tried beige but looked naked on screen, then finally the green.

If my hair’s not right, I’m not right. It has a strong natural curl, so dampness makes it frizz. In hot countries and for sport I wear colour coordinating visors to keep my hair under control.

I’m very fortunate in knowing and mixing with lots of young people so I am open minded about new fashions and don’t get set in my ways. I love to experiment. OK so I’m 70 – but I still feel 17 inside.

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