Summer Beauty Hints

The most damaging factor in ageing skin is over exposure to the sun. It causes age spots, coarse wrinkles, small broken blood vessels and the skin to have a leathery texture. This type of skin ageing can be prevented. Sun can affect the skin cells and causes cell damage, but it also poses health threats including skin cancers. The effects from the sunburn may not be visible for years, but the harmful rays will have done their damage. Always protect your skin with creams and gels containing SPF (sun protection factor) dermatologist’s number one skincare recommendation.

1. Protect your exposed skin, particularly the sensitive facial skin with sunscreen containing no less than SPF 15. Anything higher than SPF 30 is not considered necessary. The extra protection afforded is minimal and additional chemicals can irritate the skin.

2. Regularly moisturise the skin of both your face and body to help retain its suppleness and healthy glow. Moisturisers replace the natural oils that dry up as part of the ageing process.

3. Cleanse your skin both night and morning. Good cleansing is essential to skin health. Without it the skin takes 25 days to rid itself of make-up and daily grime.

4. During the heat of the summer wear a hat and avoid the midday sun. Why not take advantage of skincare science available? Consider using fake tan, which correctly applied can give skin a natural looking, healthy glow.

5. Feed your skin with health giving summer fruits and vegetables full of anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants help fight free radicals (caused by pollutants) which can harm your skin and cause premature ageing.

6. A healthy lifestyle is reflected in your skin – so be positive, keep happy and aim to be more physically active. A sense of well-being goes a long way towards delaying the ageing process.

7. Your eyes quickly show up tiredness. Not enough sleep, stress and alcohol make the circulation and lymphatic drainage sluggish around the eyes, leaving them puffy. A couple of slices of cucumber or cold, damp tea bags placed on closed eyes for 10 minutes will reduce puffiness and redness.

8. If your complexion looks sallow and dehydrated exfoliating will quickly tone and restore it. Use a scrub with tiny, gentle scuffing grains to boost circulation and give your skin a healthy glow.

9. If you intend braving the elements use a special barrier lipstick when you are outdoors to form a layer of protection from the drying effects of sun and wind.

10. Keep waterproof mascara for beach holidays or emotional moments only! Removing non-waterproof mascara is kinder to the sensitive skin around your eyes.

11. If you are a little overweight wear a good fitting, flattering 1 piece swimsuit in a stunning colour to boost your confidence. Buy a sarong to compliment it. You’ll look chic and ready to go…. Leave the bikinis to the very slim or the very young!

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