Age Really Is A State of Mind

June is my birthday month so what do the astrologers have to say about Gemini women? “A Gemini woman is two, or more women rolled into one, possibly far too much woman altogether. Geminis are simply who they are, so the timid and weak need not apply! They are impossible to pigeon hole, a will-o-wisp, a changeling, a mix of intriguing personalities. Gemini women are one minute demure and doting, the next ruthlessly sarcastic, wild and unpredictable, but no less fascinating”. I’m not too sure I recognise that woman, but my family assure me …they do!

Age is just a state of mind; you’re only as old as you think you are. So should we worry about the years passing? Surely a birthday is just another day where we go to work and family and friends give us love? As we age I feel we need to work out the value of things we believe to be important for how we conduct our lives. Identifying personal values (should) determine our priorities and, deep down they’re the measure we use to tell if life is turning out how we want it to. If we’re satisfied and content with life we’re probably matching our values in what we say and do. When our actions don’t align with our personal values is when things feel wrong, which can be a real source of unhappiness.

As a young teenager I came home one day to find my mother, in her 40’s, had died unexpectedly. That tragic moment changed my life and forced me to grow up overnight and to identify my priorities. From that day I have never taken life itself for granted. I cherish every day and through thick and thin am determined to not waste a single moment of my life. I value my family and dear friends around me and continue to enjoy a fascinating career. Every birthday is a bonus for me; I count my blessings and name them one by one.

If you are a fellow Gemini, I wish you a Happy Birthday. Looking back over the years’ styles, clothes, hair, houses, cars and the people around you may have changed, and the icing on your birthday cake and number of candles are different, but just like you, the cake itself hasn’t really change!


My work involves a lot of sitting at my desk peering into a screen. This results in tension around my shoulder and stiffness in my neck. Do you have any hints to avoid this – or exercises I can do to help make me feel more comfortable?
Christine Breckon… Carnarvon

Answer 1

Our daily routine should be a mixture of sitting, standing, moving and some moderate exercise. The pace of life makes it difficult, tension builds up quickly causing stiff necks and aching shoulders. The sheer pressure of work causes poor posture and tension headaches and we appear to carry the world on our shoulders! Check your chair, desk and worktop is at a good height and in sufficient light. Now check your posture, sit with bottom well back on the seat and support your back with a cushion or towel if there’s an arch. Have legs slightly apart, knees bent to an angle of 90 with feet flat on the floor (if you’ve short legs a foot rest or block solves the problem.

To relieve tension headaches take a break from the screen and look straight ahead. Without moving head, look eyes right and focus, now eyes down and focus, then left and focus and finally eyes up and focus. Repeat 6 times to relieve tired aching eyes.
To mobilise neck turn your head to look over your right shoulder (chin parallel to the floor). Drop chin to chest (feel stretch) and slowly roll head to look over your left shoulder. Roll chin back to chest and head on over to the right again. Repeat 8 times with control. (Don’t roll head backwards) To relax shoulders simply lift alternate shoulder to ear level and press back down again. Repeat 6 times. (Don’t take ears to shoulder)
Question 2 – RED ELBOWS
After a recent long spell of ill-health I lost a lot of weight. I am now on the mend, but my arms did become very thin. I am now thankfully gaining weight but have been left with very wrinkled and red elbows. Is there a particular cream or treatment you can recommend? I seem to remember (from years ago) a home-made remedy involving lemon juice and a few other things, but can’t really remember it. I don’t lean on my elbows at table or anything. Thanks in anticipation. Yours faithfully, Christina Old…Kirkaldy


Christina, as we age most of us will experience dry and wrinkled elbows. Like you I remember sinking my elbows into two lemon halves for 10 minutes to bleach them! Elbows crease more than other skin areas and frequent creasing can lead to skin chapping. We all need to moisturize with body lotion every day after our bath or shower, but it sounds like your elbows need feeding with a rich cream rubbed in to restore and rejuvenate them. Do this before going to bed but wear long sleeved PJ’s or shirt to seal in moisture overnight.

Red, dry elbow skin is more prevalent in the winter because of the lack of moisture in the air and of its location on the body. Additional contributing factors include taking long, hot baths or showers, or using harsh soaps and laundry detergents.

If your elbow redness is more severe be aware that Psoriasis causes flaky, red patches on the skin that look shiny and cause itching or burning. They can be anywhere, but are more common on elbows, knees and the lower back. Psoriasis affects 2% of people in the UK and it usually begins between the ages of 11 and 45 when some of the body’s antibodies attack skin cells by mistake, causing them to reproduce too quickly and build up on the skin. You mentioned that you had been unwell and certain things may make symptoms worse, including alcohol, smoking and some medicines, such as anti-inflammatories (for example, ibuprofen) and beta-blockers (used to treat heart problems). Treatment for Psoriasis, depending on the severity of the patches includes creams containing vitamin D or vitamin A and steroid creams. Christina if you are worried I would advise you to talk to your GP about treatment.

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