When To Exercise

I’m often asked when is the most beneficial time to exercise? Well personally I enjoy working out first thing in the morning. But according to leading physiologist Mike Doherty who conducted research on a group of elite swimmers, the immune system can be compromised at different times of the day – and often in the morning. However, whilst it is true to say that the immune system is often compromised in elite athletes due to their intense levels of training, it is most unlikely to occur as a result of ordinary levels of activity such as we perform in the gym or the swimming pool before work in the morning.

For the average person the more varied an exercise programme, for example one which includes treadmill, weights and swimming, performed at any time of the day that suits one’s lifestyle is going to prove beneficial. Because a certain level of moderate activity can enhance the immune system, at the same time as it benefits the body by strengthening bone and muscle, maintaining suppleness and building stamina. All regular, moderate exercise will usually do more good than harm, and of course any activity is better than being inactive doing no exercise at all!

Remember the basic exercise rules:
• Warm up thoroughly
• Increase exercise gradually
• Build up intensity and repetitions slowly
• Stop if you feel any pain
• After activity always ensure a gentle warm down
• Give exercise a miss if you feel unwell

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