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The following is the explanation of why my, and your lease is blighted by our freehold company Dallington Square Management Ltd. [DSML] which manages the 12 apartments in Dallington Square 1 – 12.

The Directors have engineered a baseless dispute with me as a leaseholder.

Below explains the background


I am Tony Fitzpatrick, a Director of freehold company Dallington Square Management Ltd. [DSML] which manages the 12 apartments in Dallington Square 1 – 12.  DSML has 7 Directors, For over 10 years there had been 2 Directors who oversaw yearly maintenance of Dallington Square and increased the Reserve Fund from £0 to over £70,000.   Since the addition of 5 Directors there has been no structure, no responsibility or interest in the management of DSML’s funds. They are a dysfunctional board who defer to Managing Agents – Daniel Watney rather than make decisions as company Directors.  Their mismanagement in identifying the above leak over the past three years achieved nothing.   I was prevented from taking unilateral decisions in identifying the leak as it was likely that each of our apartment’s water supply was likely to be laid under other leaseholders’ decking and communal walkways.

But 3 years’ later and, in despair I employed a Leak Detection Company [LDC] who confirmed that my dedicated water supply had been compromised [when, we have no idea] and fed a communal water tap in the common areas.  Worse than that they confirmed that the communal tap allowed for contamination  and, as such, any liabilities to a leak were a freeholder’s responsibility.  LDC also pointed out that the the feed to the communal tap did not have any non-return valve fitted, as such it is possible for contaminated water to syphon back into the supply pipe contaminating flat 9’s water supply. Also, if the leg is not removed there is a risk that the water within this line may stagnate leading to significant contamination of flat 9’s water supply. Full report is here communal water supply Flat 9 Dallington square, 28-31 Dallington St, London EC1V 0BZ, UK

They are refusing to accept any responsibility as a Company and are compounding insult with injury by requesting an indemnification of the Board.  As this is a communal [BREACHED ]water supply the leak and any contamination is the company’s responsibility – not mine. My concern is that without the freeholder’s acceptance of liability this issue may well hang over my lease ad infinitum.

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