Yasmin’s Eye on Britain March 2023

62 people killed in migrant wreck and barely a shrug – it’s not hard to work out why …. Westerners read about the daily weather with more care and emotion than they do about migrant struggles and deaths Shamima Begum irritated me too, but then I remembered everything she has been through  She looms large inContinue reading “Yasmin’s Eye on Britain March 2023”

Time To Look After Our Veterans Properly

w/c 10th October 2022 Hardly a week goes by without the UK media carrying a story about the unsatisfactory care doled out to Britain’s ex-service men and women by our government(s). Whilst most former military personnel make a relatively smooth transition back into civilian life, a sizeable minority makes up a disproportionate part of theContinue reading “Time To Look After Our Veterans Properly”

 The Military And The Media

w/c 10th October 2022   As far back as I can remember the military-media relationship in the UK has been nightmarish, in my opinion. I say this as someone who has been both a PR/media comms operative within the army and an amateurish, pseudo-journalist who likes writing and commenting on military matters. The nub of theContinue reading ” The Military And The Media”

Putin’s Surprise Birthday Presents

w/c 10th October 2022 Vladimir Putin got two presents for his 70th birthday that we know of; from Belarus and its president Alexander Lukashenko he received an agricultural tractor, which was a thoughtful gift and I am sure well received. Less well received, I suspect, will have been his present from Voldymyr Zelensky and theContinue reading “Putin’s Surprise Birthday Presents”

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