Living with …… Osteopenia – Move your body

Your daily Lyprinol capsules will help your joints but now it’s time to move your muscles and boost your bone strength to help prevent osteoporosis. The key to strengthening bones is to repeatedly put measured and controlled pressure on them so stepping up and down a stair will benefit bones and build up your stamina.  

Simply stand in front of the stairs and with your right footstep up one stair only, then step your left foot up to join it. Now step back down with your right foot and step back down with left. Continue alternately stepping up and down the stair 10 times.  You should feel slightly puffed but gradually build up to 20 repetitions.

Now your body is warm it’s a safe time to stretch out your upper body and sides.

So, stand with feet apart and reach both arms high above your head lifting up your rib cage and stretching out from your waist.  Now, keep left arm up but place your right hand down on your right hip.  Keep hips steady and bend sideways from waist only, taking your upper body and left arm over to right side. Stretch out your side and hold for a count of 10 then return to upright position.  

Repeat movement, reaching right arm up and over with left hand on waist. Stretch left side out holding for a count of 10.

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