Living with Osteoporosis ….. don’t ignore the value of regular exercise

A few years ago I read a report into the fitness of people aged 70 plus  and according to the Royal Voluntary Service research 79% of over 70’s regularly exercise, with walking, playing a sport, exercise classes and the gym all proving popular.  It suggests that many older folk can give people 20 years younger a run for their money! The charity believes  that whatever a person’s fitness and mobility level may be, regular exercise is vital to ageing well. 

I’m of the opinion that older folk including myself, were fortunate to have been children in the 40’s and 50’s, a time when being physically active was just a normal part of childhood.  Most of us walked or cycled to school, took part in regular gym classes and playing sport was compulsory.  With the result we built healthy, supple bodies and in particular, strong bones, that now keep many of us moving around and enjoying life to the full. 

I’m particularly interested in the bone disease, osteoporosis, and know from my research how vital it is to build up the “bone bank” in our youth. Strong bones will maintain our posture and literally stand us in good stead as grow older.  Weight bearing exercises are necessary for building strong bones. These are simply natural movements we regularly did as youngsters, walking, running, climbing trees, skipping and hopping….. to name a few!  

Of course, aches are inevitable with age and that is where my daily Lyprinol capsules play an important part. They help ease any pain and discomfort.

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